Amanda's Yoga classes are for anyone who wants to strengthen, stretch and release stress. Using a variety of methods, she fuses power, flow, yin and restorative yoga styles - with the intention of leaving her students feeling flexible, relaxed, energized and grounded.

Students are encourage to work at a level that is comfortable for them.

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Nomad Yogini

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Amanda's Pilates classes are a refreshing mind/body workout. Initial classes are geared towards beginners with the intention of increasing intensity over the course of the session. Using a mat, movements are structured to build lean muscle, increase endurance and improve core strength.

Students are encouraged to work at a level that is comfortable for them.

Pilates Schedule

Pilates Pricing 


Arrive to class five or ten minutes early. Yoga classes start with relaxation so late entry will not be permitted as not to disrupt those who have arrived on time.
Cell phones must be Off or on Silent. Vibrate is still quite loud and distracting. Thank you!