Private Individual Classes

Private individual classes are great for those who need a little more one-on-one attention. Whether it is a class tailored to your ability or modified due due to an injury, a private setting can help you can learn modifications that can be used in a regular class or in your own practice.


Option to have the class at your location (house or other facility) or for a small fee at one of my locations
Please note,there may be additional charges for locations 30 km outside of South Frontenac.

Classes must be booked and paid for in advance. 

2016 Private Individual Classes

1-3$100 per class 
4-7$90 per class
8+$80 per class 

Book a private class by emailing or calling 613-453-4195


Book a private class for your group by emailing​ or calling 613-453-4195

Community Classes In Sydenham Inverary, Glenburnie & Chaffey's Locks

See schedules and/or pricing for more details

Join our rural community Yoga or Pilates classes. Sign up for an entire session and get a discounted rate. Sessions run two or three months at a time throughout the year. With the flexibility to make up missed classes, it's easy to work around vacations or busy schedules. Not sure you can commit? No problem, single drop-in rates available as well. 

Check the schedule to see when classes are offered.

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Nomad Yogini

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Private Group Classes

Great for those seeking a class at a specific time and/or location:

  • Workplace Wellness 
  • Girls Get Together
  • Birthday Party
  • At the Cottage

​Whether it's family time, work time or a wedding party that needs de-stressing before the big day, yoga is a healthy way to share time together. Classes can be tailored to your needs whether its stretching, strengthening, relaxing, reinvigorating or all of the above. 


Option to have the class at your location (house or other facility) or for a nominal fee at one of my locations

Please note, there is an additional charge for locations 30km outside of South Frontenac. 
​Classes must be booked and paid for in advance. Missed classes can be made up with community classes within the current session. 

2016 Private Groups Classes​​

# of ClassesPeople AttendingCost 
1-31-3$100 flat rate
1-34-6$25/person per class
1-37+$20/person per class
4-71-3$80 flat rate
4-74-6$20/person per class
4-77+$18/person per class
8+1-3$70 flat rate
8+4-6$18/person per class
8+7+$15/person per class