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Join a Class in Sydenham, Inverary,

Perth Road, Glenburnie, or Harrowsmith

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All classes are mixed levels and beginner friendly


The perfect balance of strengthening, stretching, breath work, meditation and relaxtion. 1 hour classes really do include all of this without being rushed.

Together Yoga, Pilates and Foam Rolling make the perfect wellness and fitness routine.


Strengthen, tone and stretch to build muscles and Mobility. Main focus is building stability in lower back and pelvis by strengthening abdominals and other core muscles.

Foam Rolling

Self massage classes with a foam roller. Using a foam roller to release tissues that are restricting movement and muslce function. Also known as self myofascial release.

Foam rollers provided

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About Nomad Yogini


Amanda Butterill brings her 14 years of experience teaching to her classes. She started teaching Yoga in 2009 after her first of many trainings in Costa Rica. She grew up in South Frontenac and has been teaching in the area for almost 10 years. In 2016 she completed a Pilates mat 1 and 2 training and in 2022 completed a Myofascial release course.


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